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cross has been out here along skyline boulevard in san mateo county but apparently the thief or a person storing waits overcome by guilt and now, it's authenticated as the missing cross. the cross found along skyline boulevard. a tached was a printed note that said it's the mojave cross. i would be grateful if you would be so kind kind to notify the authorities. the cross has been sitting atop sun rise rock since 1934. erected by veterans of foreign wars to honor those who served in world war i. it was stolen two years ago. it was covered by a wooden box at that time as a result of a legal battle because it sits inside of the mojave national preserve aclu argued it violates separation of church and state. they had been planning to
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rededicate another cross this sunday. >> we got it back. if it's the real one f not we have a replica to put in it's place. we have a replica of the plaque stolen that is going to be moving forward. >>it was transported is a mistry. bay area veterans tell me it was nearly impossible to find it. with veterans day coming up was built a factor? >> do people have guilty consciences? i don't know the answer to that. some do, some don't. so if that is this case, then... thank you for returning it. >> for now it's in custody of the san mateo county sheriff's office. >> we'll start reaching out, making contacts. notifying our detective bureau to get in touch with southern california to see if we can get it back to its rightful owner.
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>> it is being held in half moon bay. the leaders in sacramento are saying they're hoping to get possession of think the week in order to take it back down to the mojave desert this weekend. we're live in san mateo county abc 7 news. >> tragic, necessary is how jurors describe a decision to convict a former school principal today for failing to rrt a case of suspected child abuse involving a teacher. she wept as the judge read the verdict. the 36-year-old was principal at ob whaley elementary. an 8-year-old student told her a teacher blind fold ld her and put a strange substance in her mouth. >> he needed to be held accountable. we needed tibl to send a message to the rest of the mandatory reporters in the community that their
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obligation is report not investigate. >> she will not go to jail. the judge sentenced her to six months probation, a $602 fine and 100 hours of community service. jurors say she must face consequences. >> she didn't do what she knew she should do. she had a suspicion. she didn't act on it. and consequences were abombinable. >> teacher is facing charges of lewd conduct with five students. >> oakland police are searching for over the scene today, tonight say two men tried to get away from officers both ran after they crashed. police caught one. they're still looking for the second man. traffic moving after a fiery crash killed a driver.
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this video shows the extent of the impact. the mercury news reports a 67-year-old man died in the crash. the accident shut down the road about three hours and reopened just after 5:00 tonight. the chp says the man driving a subaru caused the crash. a young man charged with smashing windows of a muni bus after giants won faced a judge today. the man insists he's not guilty. >> well, a lot of people saw the photograph of a man smashing a window of a muni bus. that image was widely circulated in the social media. and the chronicle, and in our stories. police credit the public with giving tips that led to the arrest of the suspect.
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gresry granis is not denying is he in this photograph, using a heavy metal barricade. the 22-year-old walked foot hall of justice today accompanied by his lawyer and his parents. >> the victory brought out the best of san francisco and the worst in gregory. >> others in the crowd helped vandalize the bus. the driver managed to get eight passengers off. they torched. the bus was valued at $1 million. simon was beaten unconscious by the mob he tried to stop vandals and told abc 7 news that he saw granis help destroy the bus. >> like a monster, just pummeling this vehicle with people inside. and you think how can anyone live with themselves or get in
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the mind set to do that? >> granis pleaded not guilty. you may have more legal problems.. >> we're also exploring the possibility of getting restitution for him. and he'll be held liable for damages to the vehicle. >> with granis fighting back tears the attorney told reporters his client hopes san franciscoins willing forrive him. >> he's very ashamed and sorry. now, he's going to set an example, making amends. he only hopes san francisco will find it in their hearts. >> gascone says the apology is nice but he put the driver and passengers at risk. >> the people could have been injured so we're appreciated the fact he's apologetic but never theless there are consequences to bad behaviors. this is really bad behavior.
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>> grannis is out on bail of $40,000. police are looking for those who torched the bus. they're relying on the public, again, for tips. >> thank you very much. >> the weather, it is november 5th feels like june 5th. gorgeous today. record high temperatures, too. spencer christian is here. >> it's unbelievable. numerous record highs for this date. let's take a look now. oakland airport, 79. redwood city 84 degrees how about these. moffett field, 83. november 5th96 degrees. more heat tomorrow, carolyn. >> thank you.
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>> arizona political action plea chee being accused of money laundering by california fair political practices committee. under an order disclosing the source of a contribute togs fight prop 30 and support prop 32. the money funneled through two nonprofit organizations. the arizona pack is now under investigation. >> this is an extraordinary money laundering that i've seen this, is mashed five times it's dirty and stinks.. >> the money comes from groups active in republican campaigns. the state could find the pack or pursue charges.. >> in san francisco tonight a major last chance push for proposition 30. the tax measure funding evident x. abc 7 news reporter is live along embarcadero tonight
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where that rally wrapped up a little whiling ayes. >> this is a good one. the governor drove to be at this event here because he knows it's going to be a close one. now, the governor rallied troops as only he knows how to. senator feinstein and ed lee were at his side during this push. prop 30 would trigger cuts by increasing taxes on those making more than $250,000 and raises state sales tax, generating estimated $6 billion every year for seven years. the governor has said if the prop rigs sigs fails it would have devastating affects on public education. so those who did best give a little bit back to help our schools and colleges in this hour of their need.
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>> that wasn't the only rally in town. the former labor secretary was part of a yes on frop 30 rally. it if does not pass there will be a $2400 tuition hike for students next semester. students who oppose prop 30 say the legislature should have made cuts elsewhere instead of threatening to cut education. >> putting more money to high speed rail, billions of dollars. then, we have to cut schools by billions it's unfortunate. it's true. students zront a voice. they don't have a strong lobby in sacramento. >> and regardless of how you feel message is go to the polling station, vote tomorrow. that is what the governor is going to do. he's going to vote in oakland where he lives.
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>> thank you. if you see problems at polls tomorrow we want to hear from you. this is the election hot line. call it immediately if you spot irregular larries. stay with us for election results tomorrow. the moment the polls close at 8:00 we'll deliver realtime returns on abc 7 and will have live updates throughout the evening on our facebook page and twitter. if you've cast your ballot through early voting you can post one of the badges on your facebook wall. >> well, still to come tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00 we have video from weekend rescue two of children we showed you from a cap sized boat. they were not wearing life vests. their mom is furious. >> your right to go naked on the streets of san francisco. tonight the cover up attempts now underway.
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>> an important element of the new santa clara stayed jim in place. >> here is how you can participate in the day of giving just text abc to 90999 or call 1-800-help now.
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seven people recovering from hypothermia tonight after a rescue of the coast of marin
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county. it happened on dylan beach and four people were children. abc 7 news is live tonight to explain what happened. we spoke with several people with years of experience. they say they were warning everyone that yesterday conditions were not right for voting. >> it was dangerous yesterday. they had no business being out there. >> michael has spent 50 years in the waters and says yesterday's rescue of seven people could have had a very different ending. >> if i was a betting man i would have figured half would have died. >> five people including a 3-year-old boy were holding on to the hull of the boat. in this video captured by the sheriff helicopter rescue team, you can see rescuers performing a long line rescue. dropping down to lift people
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to safety. in the middle of the rescue first responders could wo learn two additional children were trapped inside of the boat cabin. >> two hours inside that have home. think bit. it's a dangerous situation. >> because condition of the children trapped inside was unknown. the water was quieter in the bay. crews cut into the hull pulling two children to safety and to applause of onlookers. there they made a disturbing discovery. >> there are seven people on board. no evidence any of them were using life jackets. >> officials are looking into why no one had been wearing a life jacket. the pilot and deputy sheriff were able to pull everyone from the boat and to land in only nine minutes. more than two decades of
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experience between them put to the test. every second counts. >> very lucky. we can be talking about a different type of tragedy. >> today every up with is fine. we reached out to the family. the father declined to be interviewed. he san francisco lawmakers moved closer to banning public nudity. a committee urged them to pass the proposal. one lawmaker says there are too many naked guys in his district. it's aimed at so called naked lie gis letting it all hang out in a plaza in the castro. >> we're born this way. this is your true expression of self. >> that doesn't mean anything can do anything they want at any time. there are always some basic standards for our public spaces.
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>> nudists are tracking this measure. >> it's warm enough to go without clothes in spots it was unbelievable out there. >> yes. possibly, again tomorrow. here is a live view from our sutro camera. this clear mild to warm evening. let's take a look and you can see absence of clouds near the coastline. it's clear from coast to inland. mild to warm right now. 74 in oakland. notice how most of the work is around the bay right now. temperatures into 70s. forecast features will be warm again tomorrow with possibility of records tomorrow. but warmth will be receding. cooler wednesday.
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cold showers thursday, lows tonight in mid to upper 50s, possibly a low of only 60 here in san francisco. tomorrow morning sun rise. warmest weather at this point mildest near the coast. will be 66 around the bay. upper 60s inreasoned. mid-70s across the board in regions of the bay area, later into afternoon, cooling near the coast. warm inland and around the bay. upper 70s to 80. the cool down begins with still mild conditions. big cold air mass, cooler wernl by the end of the week. cold over the weekend. tomorrow afternoon, you'll see fog return together coast. that will be beginning a cooling trend continuing into the weekend.
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in afternoon hours we'll have warmth tomorrow, highs in low 80s. peninsula, upper 70s to around 80 that will be a record for tomorrow. mid 7 0es on the coast and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, a high of 77 degree. north bay, low 80s in cloverdale. near east bay highs upper 70s to low 80s. highs in low 80s. lots of warmth. new record highs for the date in those locations. here is the accu-weather forecast. a sharp cool down. cooling thursday, friday. by saturday morning sunday morning. >> coming up next, after
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hurricane sandy. what you can do to help. >> the day of giving. >> we'll explain how you can help them
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our parent company disney december nated today a day of
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giving. >> disney has given $2 million to the american red cross. samsung will make a match up to $3 million. >> you can contribute by texting letters abc to 90999 it's a $10 donation. you can also call 1-800-help now. go to red >> don sanchez is live in san francisco where they've been taking downations all day long, don? >> no. donations they want is money this, is one of the disaster vans that goes to many emergencies and there are six that are back east. among items include these, this is a cleaning kit. you know they need to clean up after water damage. the thing we really need is money. >> helps us respond quickly to
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people when we have money to adjust to deliver where we deliver services. $50 helps a person with meals, and items that make it easier for people suffering in a disaster. it's simple. they don't want to you bring anything here. they simply need the money that. makes a difference in efforts. it's a day of giving and we hope you'll be generous for our friends on the east coast as well. >> thank you. such a great way to help. >> if you miss aid before here is how you can help from home. >> call red cross or go to red >> there is more still to come tonight.
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mark matthews on the final day of the campaign, next. >> here in chicago four years ago a balmy night. the president won reelection. it's cold and there are other changes we'll tell you about when abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you, and unprecedented efforts to cover tomorrow night's election returns online. they'll have access to more than just numbers to be sure. stay with us. th
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with just mofr than 24 hourgs to go now until votes are in, president obama has inched out to a slim advantage. the president now has a three-point lead in the popular vote over mitt romney according to latest tracking poll from abc news and washington post. abc 7 news political reporter is live at the campaign head quarters in chicago tonight. we're here in chicago is obama country about as blue as bay area here.
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so makes sense this is where the president will spend tomorrow fight. today he had important places to be. the president started his last day on the catch yain in wis wisms a huge crowd estimated 18,000 cheered him on. >> you know i'll fight for you as hard as i know how. you know that will happen. >> the crucial state is ohio. he and mitt romney in columbus today. the president will finish up tonight in iowa. he started his first campaign four years ago. >> we know we've got more work to do. >> for mitt romney it's a win in florida, virginia and ohio. he needs to sweep all three. he will finish up tomorrow, watching returns in boston. >> do you want real change? >> president obama will be here in chicago tomorrow night
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workers preparing a hall that will hold as many as 18,000. four years ago we were in grant park. >> big stage said up. >> marty williams flew out hoping to see another quarter million people celebrating in grant park. >> it's cold. if i'd he i'd be prepared to watch him on election night win for a second time. >> fargo and williams don't have tickets to the event and have been reserved for donors and volunteers. like people manning this phone bank. among them, resident and staffer turned advisor. >> you can see energy here and people that are invested here. and so i don't think anything is being taken for granted. i came out from california about a week ago. you can see
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people getting on buses and doing what they need to do. >> taubing about energy. but out on the streets in chicago we're not seeing signs for obama or big crowds. we're not feeling enthusiasm from the people we've talked to. this is still obama's town, just not as much as when he was elected. >> here is our schedule for reporting the election results. we'll have a special early edition of abc 7 news at 3:00 as well as laura anthony. abc's world news will air tomorrow followed by live coverage by abc news at 4:00. local results coming in at 8:00. plus a wrap up at 11:00.
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>> we have extensive online coverage planned for you tomorrow as well. plus our mobile site we're go being to be posting updates as we receive them on our facebook page all platt forms we'll keep you covered. this year's election coverage will be more important than ever. >> on google there is a reminder of a big event. >> last time there were a kbrinl views this time, videos viewed almost three billion times. >> saying on the politics page video from partners will sit side by side from w.posts from ordinary users. >> dichb voices have a flip
6:34 pm
side says this stanford senior. >> down side is that sometimes analysis can get lost. if you're just looking at results you don't believe you know what it means. i'm hoping to provide context. >> she'll be live blogging from washington on the site pollly mic writing for college students that don't often have tvs or radios.. >> for them, internet is the main thing they access. >> it means changes in how we cover the election here. remember, four years ago ipad didn't exist. now, there is a possibility you're watching us with one of these. >> big news events tend to be experiences for people watching tv. >> biggest races featured on tv you can find live results in abc 7 news mobile app as well as web site. the social media team won't just be tweeting but reading. >> looking for what people are talking about.
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>> twitter will be watching, too. updating it's twitter political index measuring tweets about each candidate on the eve of the election showing a race too close to call and closer in swing states. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> tonight's money matters net flix adopts a poison bill he fence, barring outsiders from acquiring more than 10% of the company's stock. telsa moators reported a $110 billion loss, bigger than last year. the ceo assures investors they're past the point of high risk delivering 2500 cars by the end of the year. apple says it sold three million ipads in the days since latest ones but the share dropped thanks to
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competition from samsung. >> if you've dreamed of taking a trip to paris, stay with us. you can go with michael finney. >> the european vacation he
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certainly not hard to find a homeless person in the east bay but rare to find someone that cares to spend his
6:39 pm
evenings caring for them. >> we met just such a man in concord a few weeks ago. afterward abc 7 news went out on his patrols. this is just a vest they wear in the department of corrections, like in the jails.. >> he is not a cop. but this essential attire. that is because he patrols central contra costa county looking for homeless. >> that ought to last you a long time,. >> his goal is helping them survive on the streets. >> there is a daytime outreach team. for nights, i'm the only wun it's how he makes his living, it's more of a calling than a job. counsel members teen yaiting
6:40 pm
and doug decided he better needed to understand the issue. he began going to homeless encampments and realized he had to help. >> no one else is doing this, someone has to. there has to be someone here for these people. >> doug does this from 8:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning. he knows where to find the homeless like this room. turned into someone's bedroom probably without permission. this road alongside a concord office building where a couple was sleeping outdoors. the help he can provide is limited clean socks snack foods but also, time and a friendly ear. >> he's got a new kid. he goes into the streets into darkest spots of the city. >> he is married with two children ask one on the way. he says his wife learned to accept what he does. so have police department who's were wary of the one man homeless outreach.
6:41 pm
>> officers feel comfortable calling him when running into someone on the streets who is in need. >> that man gave up a knife in exchange for a ride. you can see there are a lot of knifes on the street. he's never been cut but a man did hold a knife to his throat in front of police making his cell phone indecember pensable calling for skmep saying good night to his kids. if after this, you're still asking why doug chooses to do this for a modest salary, sometimes buying supplies out of his pocket missing a chance to tuck his kids into bed you're not alone. >> we've had that conversation a couple times. the core of it is that he believes its his calling, his passion. >> what a calling that is. >> yes.
6:42 pm
>> he was honored and named man of the year. >> if your group would like to host a listens event just go to abc 7 >> let's take you to a different part of the world now. michael
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>> how would you like to take a trip to europe free? >> first reporting this at 11:00 last night. it was not that difficult to pull off it was not. you can take a vacation fr free. it's not hard. it takes planning and time but you can take a dream vacation. i did. you can, too. let me show you how. here i am on vacation walking through paris. i've yeel tower.
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it didn't cost me a dime. hemmingway walked on these stairs. here is my wife in a bakery. it's free. the city looks wonderful. it looks better when you're here it and isn't costing anything. how did i pull this off? this time it doesn't come down to dollars and cents. it comes down to miles and points. the flait paid for by frequent flyer miles. this card gave me $100,000 miles just for signing up. brend yoo signed up, too. that is how we're able to stay in this five star hotel. sidewalk cafes are great she was paid with proceeds from this aarp card giving me 5%
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back on every purchase for six months. then, brenda got a card. we did it again another six months. three cards, two years of planning and one nice trip. >> it's being savvy. you don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. >> that is the founder of the points >> i go into star bucks and number of people are paying cash. those people don't realize is that if you had a mileage earning debit card you should be earning something back. >> that attention to detail made some of the trips possible. >> it's an airline sale available. people can fly to hawaii. my friends are flying oakland salt lake seattle, hawaii.
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just to get more miles in. more miles. >> they call that a mileage run. so how do these make efforts? >> you have to go on a great trip for zero dollars spent. incredible. >> like i said nearly romantic enough to get me off the hook for making her carry an aarp card for a year. you can be any age to get that card. i got cash back on aarp card which paid for grand transportations and meals. if you go on my site follow my quick start guide. >> for the record brenda is
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only 35. >> great ideas. >> thank you. >> it is remarkable. >> today was a great day for traveling we had record high temperatures among those gilroy, san jose and moffett field, temperatures into and if you look nationwide you can see a storm developing and a nor easter. wednesday or thursday, high waves and gusty winds. heavy rainfall. so we'll an eye on the storm for you. here is the accu-weather forecast. fourther cooling with showers likely. frosty mornings, temperatures drop. >> yes. >> prepare for that, too. >> thanks, spencer.
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>> construction crews did heavy lifting today at the site of the 49ers new stadium. sky 7 hd was above. workers moved chunks of concrete. this is no easy task. about 60% of the stadium steel has been installed. outside structures expected to be finished next month. >> dusty the klepto kitty is back. do you remember him? tonight at 11:00 right after castle find out what he's up to now. >> he's on the move. >> he's looking. >> vic lee reports on
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technology helping owners uncover this latest
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hope you can join me tonight at 9:00, coming up
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then, handicapping presidential race. how giants win could be a clue about who will win tomorrow. >> then at 11:00 we're tracking campaigns on this final night before election day. last chance to win voters hearts and minds coming up at 11:00. >> now a tough day yesterday it was. larry beil is here. >> they've got problems it's unclear if either can play this sunday. traders -- raiders, martin worn in oakland went to high school in stockton and he is five nine, 225 points. hens the nickname. the muscle hamster ran 251 yards, four touchdowns in a 42-32 bucks win.
6:55 pm
>> this guy is a good runner, they ran the ball good against us. and the thing we had to do a better job of is eliminate things where they don't become maybe 10,-15 yards games. >> when giants went to world series, giants announcer zibed it as torture. shortly after, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, he beat it. several staffers helping out. pitching coach lost his wife to cancer. the foundation is giving back as a visual distraction inside
6:56 pm
onkolg rooms if you have a vacation we can take fear out and put home in -- hope in there. my foundation is looking to rebuild hospital as cross america. raising money to better sound systems in waiting rooms for chemo they area pay pi patients. >> it's a great cause. we all somehow have been affected by this disease. we know how it gets people down. he's going to try to get people up. we're here to support it. we'll do it as lng as we have to. >> one of the emotional locker room scenes look place in indianapolis yesterday. andrew luck had just thrown 433 yards and the side line coach appeared in the locker room. he's been out battling leukemia doctors say is now in remission.
6:57 pm
>> i'm living to see two more daughters get married sh dance at their weddings. and hoist that lombardi several times! i'm dancing at two more weddings and we'll hoist that trophy together. >> let's hope he does. >> wow. >> powerful. >> very. >> thanks larry. >> on that note that is this edition of abc 7 news. edition of abc 7 news. >> from
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a retired paralegal from topeka, kansas... a law student, originally from montreal, canada... and our returning champion, a senate staff aide, originally from iowa city, iowa... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny.

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